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Andrea has spent decades studying the world’s leading authorities in business, leadership, communication, health, relationships, beauty and spiritual endeavors, reaching a level of success most only dream of.


She's the founder and chief executive officer of several companies, ranging from custom software and mobile app development to healthcare and iOT networks.


Often featured as a change agent and force of nature in the business world, Andrea has an impressive history of being ahead of the curve on technologies and trends that drive human behavior.

A certified hypnotherapist, trained in NLP and DHE, her ability to bend reality for others and make their dreams come to life has set Andrea apart and allows her to mentor and coach even the most successful among us to new heights.

A leading authority on technology, business and human behavior, Andrea has advised Fortune 500 companies, mentored a variety of startups, and created engaging activations for some of the world’s largest brands. 

Her track record includes inventing the first global platform capable of programming and sending personalized mobile communications in 147 languages, conceptualizing campaigns to support online voting in real time, consulting

on cybersecurity issues, and implementing one of the world’s first examples of dynamic, location-based text messaging.

Now, Andrea has turned her focus outward to help others by collapsing decades of knowledge and experience into the most effective strategies, methods and proven tips that really work.


Her latest endeavor, Life Unleashed! is helping millions of people worldwide get unstuck and live their best lives, and she considers it her greatest passion and life’s purpose.


She studied International Business at the University of Georgia, and went on to receive advanced training in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Design Human Engineering.

Andrea currently serves on the board of directors for several industry-leading companies and invests in both start-ups and emerging businesses worldwide.

As a media commentator, keynote speaker, author and lecturer, she is considered among the top experts for helping people improve their lives.

Andrea Beach is also the CEO of BeachFront Custom Development, an experiential tech company that specializes in consumer behavior and creating software and mobile applications that have maximum impact for clients.


Andrea and her team, with decades of experience developing ‘out of the box’ and award-winning solutions for high-profile brands across a number of industries, specialize in building smarter ways to engage your audience.


Human behavior, specifically how people interact with brands over various types of technology, is what drives their high success rate. The senior team mindset and client strategies always revolve around how best to evoke the action wanted from end-users, and do it in a way that surprises and delights all involved. To learn more about BFCD, click here.

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